Intex TV Service Menu Code Latest

Intex TV Service Menu Code Latest

In today’s post, I will provide you with all Intex TV service menu code latest according to their TV model.

If you enter into the market, you will notice that the Intex brand offers various types of service menu opening codes according to different models of TV. 

In the next section, I have mentioned almost all the latest service menu opening codes of Intex LCD LED TV. If you want to know about all the Intex TV service menu codes, scroll below and see the table.

What is the service menu of Intex LED TV?

Service menu of Intex LED TV with secret menu option which helps to fix many problems related to LCD LED TV. There is a difference between the service menu and the user menu.

Several settings in LED TV can be changed with the help of a remote. For Intex TV there are many types of service menu opening processes by which you can access and control advanced settings of this TV.

Here let me help you understand what kind of work you can do using the service menu. 

After opening the Intex TV service menu you can do the following: 

  • Turn on burning mode
  • Test screen pattern
  • Panel Mapping
  • Full factory reset
  • Check TV board and BIOS information
  • Screen Mirror

Intex TV Service Menu Code

TV ModelService Menu Code
LED TV-1902MENU+8896
LED 2110SOURCE+6964
LED TV-2202 FHD MENU+1147
LED TV-2410MENU+8202
LED TV-2400HD MENU+1147
LED TV-2800HD MENU+1147
LED TV-LE31HD08/3108SOURCE+2580
LED TV-3107MENU+1147
LED TV-3207MENU+1147
LED TV-3210MENU+1147
LED TV-3900FHD MENU+1147
LED TV-4000 FHDMENU+8202
LED-5000 FHDMENU+8202
LED-2303FHD (21.5″)SOURCE+6964
LED-2810 (28″)MENU+1147
43″LED TV (LED-4300FHD)MENU+8202
49″ LED TV (LED-5010FHD)MENU+8202

Key Combination To Enter Intex TV Service Menu Code

If the above codes now working on your Intex LED TV to open the service menu code, you can use the below key combination to open your Intex TV service menu code. To enter the Intex TV service menu code here are some key combinations you can use.

  1. Press (Menu)+(8)+(8)+(9)+(6)
  2. Press (Input)+(2)+(5)+(8)+(0)
  3. Press (Menu)+(1)+(1)+(4)+(7)
  4. Press (Menu)+(8)+(2)+(0)+(2)

After trying any of these keyboard combination instructions you will be in the service menu of the Intex.

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FAQ of Intex LED TV Service Menu Code

Intex TV service menu manual pdf

In this post, I have shared information related to Intex LED TV and all the service menu key combinations. If you searching for your Intex LED TV service menu key combination just download the pdf from this site

Intex TV service menu advanced code

Info + Menu + mute +Power On This is the most common and advanced service menu code of Intex LED TV. You can download the Intex LED TV service menu code pdf file from our site for free of cost.

Intex TV service mode remote

Press (Menu)+(8)+(8)+(9)+(6)
Press (Input)+(2)+(5)+(8)+(0)
Press (Menu)+(1)+(1)+(4)+(7)
Press (Menu)+(8)+(2)+(0)+(2)

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