FS_HBC2L T-CON Voltage Data

FS_HBC2L T-CON Voltage Data

Hi guys today here in this post I will tell you about FS_HBC2L T-CON Voltage data. If you looking for a voltage chart and voltage details of SONY T-CON FS_HBC2L, here in this post you will get that.

Before I explain about the SONY T-CON voltage details, I would like to tell you about our service. If you are an electronics technician, especially an LED TV Technician this website will help you to grow your repairing skills as well as your repairing business. Here you will get LCD LED TV repair tips, tricks, software, diagrams, EMMC, Dump files, etc.

In summer, you will get everything about LCD LED TV repair. Also, we have an e-commerce site where you will get all the repairing parts and components at a very cheap rate. Follow the below table to get FS_HBC2L T-CON Voltage Data.

FS_HBC2L T-CON Voltage Data

Test Point NameValue
(IC13) VIN3.3V
(IC13) VOUT1.25V

FS_HBC2L T-CON Voltage Data

This data I personally measured during the repair of the TCON board. But in your case, you can get some minor changes during the test of the TCOM voltage because of room temperature or your TCOM condition. The minor changer will be 0.1v to 0.5v. Buy if you get 1v changes in small volts then there is something wrong with your TCON PCB, you need to find out the component and replace that with the good one.

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FAQ of FS_HBC2L T-CON Voltage Data

How does a TCON board work?

Actually, the TCON board and controller get only one single voltage and that one voltage is divided by many other voltages like VGL, VGH, AVDD, VDD and many more with the help of DC to DC IC. That is why it totally depends on you how long the TCON board will work. But the TCON board’s average life is similar to the TV panel.

What is TCON used for?

TCON board is a Timing controlling board in LCD LED TV. A tcon work for making visuals on an LCD panel vertically and Horizontally. When a TV motherboard sends an LVDS signal and one single voltage(Panel Voltage) to the TCON board, after that TCON board process those LVDS signal and makes many others voltages using one single panel voltage to make a picture on the LCD Module.

LED TV T-con board voltage details

All the TCON board has different voltage value. But some common voltage is also present on almost all the TCON board. VGL, and VGH, these two voltage almost the same in every TCON board. But sometimes these two voltages we get some changes because of the design of the LCD Module

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