Google TV vs Android TV which is the best 8 key points

In this post, I will give you 8 key points to understand Google TV vs Android TV which is the best at this time. With the popularity of smart TVs in the market users can customize their viewing experience by choosing millions of apps across different platforms without running out of options. Two in-demand options in the world of television are Google TV and Android TV. 

Google TV vs Android TV which is the best 8 key points

In today’s post, I will be sharing features, functionalities, and pros & cons of Google TV and Android TV from the user’s point of view.

After reading this article you will be able to decide which type of smart TV suits your entertainment needs to provide maximum benefits from investing in buying TV.

What is Android TV

Android TV was first released in 2015 in the market. It has an Android-based operating system and was developed by Google. In other words, it is an open platform that can run on various kinds of apps like smartphones, tablets, etc. 

Apart from that it is quite popular among gamers for its streaming services like Twitch and YouTube gaming. Other features include integration with Google Assistant, Chromecast, voice search, content options from a variety of media apps, and much more.

In today’s market, Android TV is available for users with a range of devices and manufacturers such as LG, Sony, TCL, Xiaomi, Acer, etc

Pros Of Android TV 

  • Android TV has a user-friendly design on the home screen, easy to navigate, and allows you to use any app without restrictions. 
  • With voice search options you can effortlessly get content options to watch. 
  • The Chromecast feature in Android TV allows you to do multiple actions simultaneously such as finding content while watching something or browsing the web.
  • You can download any number of apps from the Google Play Store, get regular software updates, and wireless connection device support. 
  • Here it can be accessed by multiple users and provide a personalized experience to two customers.

What is Google TV

In 2020 Google launched a Television platform developed by Google itself which opened doors of new options to the customers. The operating system of Google TV is Chrome OS.

With the help of Google TV, customers can experience personalized and unified entertainment.

It also offers similar features such as access to the Google Play Store, built-in Chromecast support, voice command search, and integration with smart home devices.

Pros Of Google TV 

  • It provides multiple user profile support along with a special feature of dedicated child profiles for parental Control.
  • It has built-in features for monitoring and restricting mature content and screen time limits. 
  • Google TV uses machine learning algorithms to show personalized content recommendations by understanding your viewing patterns. 
  • It has simplified the process of locating content that you previously watched even if you access it from a different device. 
  • In Google TV, you don’t need to hurt for remote control as an Android smartphone or Tablet can work as a remote in the Google TV app.

Android TV vs Google TV- which one is better 

Here is a list of differences you can consider while deciding whether Google TV for Android TV is better for your needs.

UX & Apps

Google TV prioritizes a visually appealing user-friendly interface with easy navigation.

It has a dedicated remote control with a Google Assistant button

Certain apps work better on Android TV as compared to Google TV and vice versa. 

Content discovery

Android TV recommendations are based on streaming apps

Google TV recommendations are based on your viewing pattern. With data from a machine learning algorithm, it can make a dedicated home screen tab according to your personalized preference.

Content Recommendation Live TV

The live TV tab is provided by Google TV where you can simply tap that thumbnail from a recommendation based on your likes of YouTube TV. There is no need to open multiple apps.

Smart Home Devices

With the help of Google TV as well as Android TV, customers can access various smart home devices such as a live feed from a door cam or Security camera, adjusting lights, etc. 

One feature that differentiates Android TV from Google TV is support for multiple user profiles for kids. With the help of the Google Family Link service, customers can monitor content restrictions for child user profiles.

In Android TV content monitoring for child users is available through its system-wide parental Control

Virtual Remote Control

We all know how easy it is to lose remote here and there but no worries if you have Google TV! Users get a backup plan for the remote in case of Google TV by accessing through the Google TV app mobile remote in the lower right corner.

8 Key Points of Google TV vs Android TV

SL NOFeaturesGoogle TVAndroid TV
1Android Operating System (OS)
2App Ecosystem
3Chromecast Integration
4Voice search/Google Assistant
5Smart Home Integration
6UX/App Management
7Content Discovery
8OTA Update

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FAQ Related to Google TV vs Android TV

Can I update Android TV with Google TV?

Currently, not all Android TVs can be updated to Google TV, although google has announced that it is working with some manufacturers for the same but still is yet to be declared which Android TV Models can be updated with Google TV. You can contact the manufacturer of your device to check if your current TV is eligible to update to Google TV or not.

Google TV vs Android TV: Which Is More Useful Television

Both TVs have their own pros & cons, it depends upon the customer’s preference, needs, budget & availability. For example, android TVs are widely available while Google TVs have more powerful hardware. You can read the differences between them in the article above.

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