Gold-97Es Backlight Driver New upgraded for 32 inches to 55 inch TV

Gold-97Es Backlight Driver

Hello, guys today in this post I will give you all information about Gold-97Es Backlight Driver. This is a new and upgraded backlight driver for 26 inches to 55 inches led tv.

If you looking for 26 inches to 55 inches universal backlight driver, this is the best option for that. I personally use this backlight driver at our repairing shop. And getting outstanding results.

I have explained all the features of this backlight driver below this block. Just scroll down and know more about this Gold-97Es Backlight Driver.

Now I would link to tell you a little bit about our service. Here you will get all the electronics gadgets repairing techniques and LCD LED repairing information.

Gold-97Es Backlight Driver All Informationion

  • Model number – Gold-97Es
  • Input Voltage – 12v to 26v
  • Output Voltage – 180v Max
  • Type – Universal
  • Auto Adjust features available
  • Voltage Adjustment Options Availabe
  • Output connecter polarity modification options available
  • Total 3 output Jack available
  • Main Mosfet Number 640NS
  • Main Mosfet Maximum Voltage 200V
  • Main Mosfet Maximum Ampare 18A

Message: All the above information I personally measure in my lab. So you trust without any hesitation. One thing I want to tell you is this is the best backlight driver for 40 inches to 55 inches led tv.

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FAQ of Gold-97Es Backlight Driver

Gold 97e Backlight driver

Yes, this is the updated version of gold 97e. this is the best universal backlight driver for up to 50 inches led tv.

40 inch LED TV universal backlight driver

Gold 97e and gold 97es is the best universal backlight driver for 40 inches led tv. To can use this driver board in 40 inches without any problems.

50 inch led tv Universal backlight driver

if you looking for a 50 inches led tv then you can read this article. here in the post, I have explained about 26 inches to 55 inches universal and upgraded backlight driver, which number is Gold-97Es

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