LED TV All Voltage OK Standby Problem Repairing Technique

LED TV All Voltage OK Standby Problem Repairing Technique

Welcome guys today here in this post I will tell you about the LED TV All Voltage OK Standby Problem repairing technique. If you want to know about this problem repairing technique read this post till the end.

Many times we get at our repairing shop, TV showing RED indicator glowing but getting standby problem. But when we measure the required voltages on the PCB They present properly. So this means this problem is called all voltage ok standby problem.

To repair this problem we have two options, which I explain in the below blocks with details. Before applying the below process to repair the Tv problem make sure all your motherboard required voltage is present properly in the motherboard. Otherwise, these steps will not work.

LED TV All Voltage OK Standby Problem Repairing

To repair this problem you have to do first Reflash the Bios IC and the second you have to resolder the main IC. In the below block I have explained these two-point in detail.

First Technique: led tv bios ic flashingIf you get all the voltage OK inside a LED TV and getting a standby problem, then you have to flash fresh and working software. You will get software from this site also. To flash the software in your TV read this article How to flash software in LCD LED TV. Before start installs the software recheck the software it is compatible with your TV or Not. To know this technique how to chose compatible software you cab Buy our LCD LED TV Repairing Guide Ebook In Hindi.

Second Technique:led tv main IC reballing After applying the first technique, if you still getting the same standby problem follow this technique. Now in the second step, you have to do reball the main IC or Resolderd the main IC. Because of stored Rust inside the main IC legs. You have to remove those rust by doing resoldering from the IC legs.

If your main IC is also in good condition follow this technique, your TV problem will be fixed after applying this technique. We already fix many LCD LED TV of this problem by applying this technique.

Note: But if you main IC getting burned or getting faulty this two technique will not work. So before start applying this technique check your main IC once, It is ok or not.

Message: I think this information will help you to repair all voltage OK standby problems of LCD LED TV. If you have any kind of questions or queries in your mind regarding this topic, just comment down below. I will reply to you within 2 days.

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FAQ on LED TV All Voltage OK Standby Problem Repairing Technique

How do I fix my LED TV from standby mode?

To repair and fix the LED TV standby mode problems there are have many techniques. But here in this post I have explained two of them. If inside your TV have all voltage Ok then these two techniques will help you repair your standby mode problem.

What is standby mode in LED TV?

LED TV Standby problem means your Tv has power and showing a red indicator on the tv but Tv does not turn on. This problem is called the standby problem. Here in this post, I have explained the technique of how to repair led tv all voltage ok standby problem. To learn those techniques read this post.

Why won’t my TV turn on but red light is on?

This means your TV getting a standby problem. To repair and fix this problem read this complete article and fix your RED light on but Tv does not turn on at home.

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