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Hello, guys today in this article I am going to tell you about an LCD LED TV Problem. which we get most of the time. If you are an electronics technician and you want to upgrade yourself as an LCD LED technician this article for you.

When a customer comes to my shop and tells me about their TV problem, That type of problem I will discuss here.

If you really want to be an electronics technician you can read my repairing article which I posted earlier. You can read directly by click here and forsee my video tutorial click here.

Most Problem In LCD LED TV


Now I am going to discuss about all the most common problem of LCD LED TV. Read below topic for know actual problem of LCD LED TV.

  1. Dead LCD LED TV Problem: This is the most common problem. When we did not get any kind of response from the TV this means out TV is In the dead condition. Whenever we get this problem in LCD LED TV 90% problem we get inside the power supply board.

To know more about this problem with repairing process, Click here and read this article.

2. Sound OK No Display Problem: Actually this is not sound or display related problem. We get this problem because of the backlight issue. When TV backlight getting damaged or burned at that time we see this problem sound ok but no display problem. For repairing this problem visit my YouTube channel and see the backlight repairing tutorial.

3. White Display Problem: This is a sensitive problem in the TV panel. It is not a simple problem, this is a panel problem. I already write an article where I discuss this problem in detail. For read, that article click here.

4. No Sound Problem: No sound problem is a sound related problem. If you get this problem on your TV then you have to check the audio section of your TV.

5. Picture Related Problem: Many times and maximum time we will get any kinds of picture related problems. For Example: 

i. Blur Display Problem

ii. Double Image Problem

iii. Slow Motion Problem

iv. Negative Picture Problem

v. Panel Burning Problem

vi. Vertical and Horizontal Problem ( This does not picture related problems this is panel related problem and this is a physical problem.

All are the above problem we get in the LCD LED TV most of the time. And I already make an article and video tutorial on these topics with repairing process. If you want to learn the process of fix these problems read my all repairing article and as well as watch my repairing video tutorial on YouTube. After doing that you will fix these problems very easily at your home.

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