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online lcd led training

Hi Guys, Here have a Good News for you. We are going to start Online LCD LED training from 2020. this is the golden opportunity for all of you guys. If you get online training from us you will get lots of benefits from our network.

We are India’s leading online LCD LED trainer network. We already trained 900+ technicians all over India.

For your help You can watch our LCD LED repairing practical video tutorials click here. We have share 90+ practical LCD LED repairing videos on our YouTube channel.

Features Of Online LCD LED Training

  1. Power Supply and Working Function
  2. PFC Power SupplyWoking Function
  3. Inverter Board (LCD)
  4. Driver Board Working Function
  5. Driver Board Modification
  6. Backlight (LCD and LED)
  7. Universal Motherboard Full Explain
  8. Universal Board Installation in Any panel
  9. Company Motherboard Working Process
  10. Company Motherboard Repairing Process
  11. Software Installation Process (RT809F and RT809H)
  12. Logic T-con Board Fault Finding and Solution
  13. Special Smart Android Board Installation Process
  14. Panel Tester Using Technique
  15. Backlight Tester Using Technique Explanation
  16. Motherboard Tester Using Technique full Explain
  17. TCON Working Process in Panel
  18. Panel Bypassing method
  19. Panel repairing All Technique provide
  20. COF Data Provide For Free Of Cost
  21. All Shortcut Method and Tips
  22. Normal Panel Installation In Sony TV
  23. After Training Life Time WhatsApp Support Provide
  24. Golden Tips
  25. Dip Electronics LAB Group Always Support You

After all If you really need good and effective LCD LED repairing knowledge this is the best platform for you. When you start your repairing business at that time you will need lots of guide to setup your proper business. We will help you to set up your business to earn money.

There are many LCD LED available in India who provide you training on LCD LED repairing. But we are the only group who help you at the customer point.

Whenever you start your business you need guide to start your professionals business. At that time we replay you instantly through WhatsApp.

We have shared similar content about repairing on this site. However, you read those articles you will realize our service.

Follow The Below Steps To Get Our Online LCD LED Training

  • Firstly You have to do is read the above information very carefully and call or WhatsApp on this number for more information (+91 9734018370)
  • Secondly, you must have a SmartPhone or LAPTOP to received the information through video calling.
  • Thirdly You have to pane some amount according to the course demand. Don’s worry course fee will be the same for the entire batch.
  • Most Importantly you have to give us 2 to 3 House in a day or guide. This 2 to 3 Hours will depend on the batch time table.
  • Lastly You have enough knowledge about electronics to understand our explanation.
  • In conclusion, if you have enough electronics knowledge you will achieve every technique which we provide you during online training.

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