All LCD/LED Service Menu Code (PDF) with board name Latest

All LCD/LED Service Menu Code (PDF) with board name Latest

Hello guys, today in this post I will give you All LCD/LED Service Menu Code (PDF). If you are an Electronics technician, this post will help you a lot to know all the LCD/LED TV service menu codes to open the secret menu of LED TV.

The service menu is a secret menu that is used to fix many problems with LCD LED TVs. Also, this menu is the different menu from the user menu. You can change several settings in a LED TV with the help of a remote. Let me tell you some most important work, which you can do After opening the LCD/LED TV service menu, you can do the-

  • Full Factory Reset
  • Turn on Burning Mode
  • Test Screen Pattern
  • Screen Mirror
  • Panel Mapping
  • Check TV Board and Bios Information

These are the common point, which you can do on a TV after opening the service menu. To know the LCD/LED Service menu code, follow the below table.

LCD/LED Service Menu Code with board number

SL NOModelService Code
1VS.TP53U71.2Input 208
2VS.TP53U61.2Input 208
4T.VST59.031Menu 1147
5T.R83.031MENU 1147
6TP.HV320/PB813MENU 1147
7TP.HV320/PB801MENU 1147
8TR.85.03MENU 1147
9T.VST59.031.A81A8MENU 1147
10T.VST59.031MENU 1147
11T56J.11.2MENU 1147, NPUT 2580, Input 0000, Menu 8892, Av 208, AV308
12T.VST29.03MENU 1147
13SKR.03MENU 1147
14SKR.801MENU 1147
15T5964.81MENU 1147
16TP.MS.338.PC821MENU 1147
17LAD.MV59S.GMENU 7710
18T.VST29.61.CMENU 1147
195800-A8M260-0020Input 3195
20350016386MENU 2008
21T.R67.03 V7Input 208
22CVMV26L-A-20Input 2580
23CV182L-BInput 2580
24SP208ESA HK-7050A-V208Menu 7050
2535017414rev-01Menu 2008
26TVST 59.A5MENU 1147
27CV181L-YInput 2580
28T.VST59.62MENU 1147
29JUG7.820.531-3Input 3133
3035016445REV-01Menu 2008
31T.VST59S.73MENU 1147
32TP.VST59.P83MENU 1147
33T.MT8223.33MENU 1147
34TMS.18VG.81BMENU 1147
35T.MS.18VG.71AMENU 1147
3640.TBI.TO7-MABE HGMenu / Contrast 1950 or 9735
37TP.MS1306.PB772Menu / Contrast 1950 or 9735
38CV309H-VInput 2580
39TP.VST59.PB819Menu 2008
40CV56BH.242Menu 2580
41TP.MS.608.P82Source/Input 1147


These are the most common LCD/LED Service code, which most LCD/LED TV support to open service menus.

I will update this service menu code table every month with a new and universal service menu. And here I will mention the last update date of this table, which help you to know the last update date of this LCD/LED Service menu code table.

Note: If you need any TV board service menu code which is not mentioned in the above table, just comment with your TV board number I will add your board service menu code within 12 hours.

Other TV and TV board Service Menu code

FAQ of LCD/LED Service Menu Code (PDF)

How do I open the factory menu on my LED TV?

To open the LED TV factory menu you have to enter the secret code of the LED TV. Each and every LED TV has its own secret menu code to open the factory menu which is different from the user menu. In this post, I have mentioned All LED/LED Service Codes.

All LCD LED TV service Menu Code for free

Yes, here in this post you will get all LCD LED TV service menu codes with PDF files. You just need to visit our site and search for all LCD/LED Service menu codes, after searching this you will get a post with a downloaded pdf file.

all tv service menu code pdf download

To download all tv service menu code pdf downloads, you just need to visit the website. After that, you need to search for your tv model or tv brand name on the search bar. After searching you will get a post with the tv service menu code with the downloadd link.

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